Personal/Family Health Care in the Future

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Personal/Family Health Care in the Future

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So I guess I had a pretty good health plan with my company. I wouldn't know since I haven't seen a doctor in like 6 years. But now I'm being told I have to have to pay for insurance because (previously I could choose a copay only plan) any of the plans offered by my employer are considered a "Cadillac" (good government promos of their GM auto corp) health care plan. So the company is altering the plans to make sure they are not taxed on the plans at a maximum rate. This is all because of the health care reform legislation. I voted for Obama because he said he wouldn't tax my health care benefits. McCain said he would. And now I got BHO throwing this on me.I believe this might be making a non-negligible impact on my spending. Which is the key to the economy. Well everybody's spending. But I myself will be making an effort to keep $5k of my income for copays+emergency fund on top of my regular savings before my health care plan got raped by my employer thanks to Obama.My more general contention: How can we fix health care?

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