Health promotion

Поговорим о различных путях и способах немедикаментозного восстановления и поддержания здоровья.

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Health promotion

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Health promotion and disease prevention are a major emerging theme in geriatric medicine and health care generally. Although efforts have typically been targeted at younger persons, there is growing evidence that this approach is both appropriate and feasible for those age 65 and over (Office of Technology Assessment, 1985b). The health promotion and disease prevention approach is one of a number of possible strategies to deal with what has increasingly become a hallmark of current times: the prevalence of chronic illness and multiple chronic illnesses or functional impairments among the elderly. While it will not replace medical care either for the treatment of acute diseases or for acute flare-ups of chronic illness, this approach has promise for reducing the incidence and prevalence of chronic and acute disease among both the general population and the elderly. (See Office of Technology Assessment, Chapters 4 and 5, 1985b; and Kane et al., 1985, for a review of the state of the art in health promotion and disease promotion in the elderly.) In addition, of course, both long-term medical treatment and care for many diseases and illnesses, as well as research to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of chronic and acute disease, are a continuing need.

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