rectal cancer /side effects after treatment

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rectal cancer /side effects after treatment

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I was diagnosed with anal rectal cancer ( stage 2 /squamous cell carcinoma). I had chemo/ radiation done and it ended in April 2015 ( 6 weelks of radiation/ 2 weeks of chemo). I started to have right side pain and muscle spasms down my right leg after my radiation had ended. I became incontient of urine and bowel. I started to have severe muscle cramps at night which would wake me up throughout the night. Presently ( Dec 2015) I have regained my bladder control but I still do not have bowel control. I still have leg pain on my right side with some muscle spasms which keep me up at night. the bottom of my feet are sore, both of my legs are swollen, and I started to have right shoulder pain which radiates to my right elbow. This ache and pain in my right shoulder is new and it too disturbs me at night plus reduces my ablility to complete tasks in the day time. I have tingling sensation, some numbness in my lower right leg as well which comes and goes throughout the day time ( depends how long i sit for in one spot). My concentration has started to improve but I can still be distracted easily. I am looking forward to be fully recovered from any pain and to return to work, however , I am not sure how long this will take. I am going to start physio therapy and I will be seeing a neurologist next month. I do not want to start taking medication that will cause me to be addictive to so I remain on tylenol extra strength. Has anyone else has similar symptoms such as mine after completing their chemo/radiation treatments? If so what was helpful for you? How long did it take to recover and is the pain gone or reduced? If anyone has any other information to share it would be greatly appreciated.

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