The Porsche 911

We've already disussed the beginnings of the 911, so lets get down to the car itself. The 911 is a rear wheel drive, rear engined automobile. Rear engined meaning the engine is behind the rear axle. It engine is a horizontally opposed 6 cylinder. Horizontally opposed pistons lay "flat", hence the name "flat-6." The first actual 911 models are considered 1965. In 1965 and 1966, the 911 came in only one form. It had a 1991cc engine, which produced 130 horsepower @6,100 rpm. They used Solex carburators, and had a compression ratio of 9.0:1. This car's top speed was about 130mph.

In 1966, a new option was offered--the Targa. A 911 Targa had a vinyl covered top that was removable and could be stored in the trunk. The top locked between the windshield and the brushed-stainless steel rollbar behind it. The Targa had a soft rear window, much like a convertable.

In 1967, the 911 model remained unchanged, but was joined by the 911 S. By 1968, more options were added to the Porsche--like a sunroof and the Sportomatic gearbox. This gearbox was like a normal 4 speed transmission, except there was no clutch pedal. The clutch was controlled by two microswitches at the base of the shifter. All the driver had to do was touch the shift knob, and the transmission would go into neutral, awaiting the next gear to be selected.

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