The Porsche 906

This car is otherwise known as the Carrera 6. It's development was coming along at the same time as the 904, and when the 906 was ready for production, Porsche decided against building those "extra" 100 904's.

Fifty 906 models were produced, all of them identical. They had 6-cylinder, 2.0L (1,991cc) 4 cam engines, racing versions of what the 911 carried at the time. These 906 cars produced 210bhp @8,000rpm. They were 1966 models destined to race in the Sports car production class. Top speed was 173mph.

Later on, a few more 906's were built, but with other modifications, such as a 2.0 liter 8-cylinder engine, or a fuel injected version of the 6-cylinder. The 906, as the 904, had a fiberglass body on a tubular space frame, and weighed in at only 1,276 lbs!

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