The Porsche 907, 908, 909, and 910

An open top 910 BergSpyder

The Porsche 910 Bergspyder was under development during the 906 days, and appeared in 1967 with the flat-8 engine, again with the 4 overhead cams. It was designed only as a prototype, and was very closely related to the 906. The 910 was the first Porsche to have center-lock wheels. It can be identified from a 906 by its air scoops, lights, and of course, wheels.

Shortly after the 910 showed up, the 907 was ready. The time was later 1967. The 907 was different in shape from the 906. The Short-Tailed 907 had a 1,981cc 4 cam flat-8 cylinder. Its output was 260 horses @9,000rpm. Top speed was tested at 167mph. Weighing in at 1,320 lbs, the 907 could definitely run.

The 908Langheck (long tail)

These race cars were being redesigned year by year, and late 1968 brought on the 908. The 908 carried an 8 cylinder engine, but its displacement was up to 2,997cc. Power was up, too, to 350bhp. The 908's top speed: 180mph. The 908 was possibly the doorway to Porsche's Endurance race dominance of the 1970's. It, with the new 3 Litre engine, became well known among the other racers as it placed serious runs at competition titles. The previous Porsches were young and had small engines that had a hard time keeping up. This was no problem for the 908, as it's 1968 and 1969 stint gave way to the fiercest and baddest brother yet, the 9-1-7.

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