The Porsche 911

The most recognized sportscar in the world. Period.

Since it's debut in 1963, the Porsche 911, and it's a thousand different iterations, has again and again redefined the definition of "sports car." Over it's 35 year life span, it has always risen to the occasion to out-perform any rival automobile. It has risen to the occasion, not only to show YOU, but to show the world how truly exhilarating an automobile can be. It, the 911, is the sole machine, not barring any, that can in every way express the feeling at heart, of what driving is all about. It is, simply and uniquely, the epitome of what a motorized vehicle is supposed to be.

It lacks nothing. Look at a 1994 Carrera 2. It looks practically IDENTICAL to it's 1963 sibling. Can any other automobile, whose 1963 styling was cutting edge then, live into the 90's with the same face? And people STILL buy it. Only the 911. The 911.

I still laugh every time I read a car magazine with an "All-new" sportscar gracing the cover. I flip through the pages, ahhh, it's a 1994 Corvette ZR-1. Pretty cool. Let's look here at the performance stats: 0-60 in 5.3s.....0-1/4mile in 13.4sec. Good LORD!!!!!!!!! I look up at my wall, where I have the stats posted for a 1978 911 Turbo. Lets see here......0-60 in WHAT? 4.9secs!!?? 0-1/4 in 12.9??!! Hahahahahaha! You're telling me that a 1978 911 can out perform a Top of the line Vette, that is over 15 years NEWER!!! You're kidding. Nope, it's true. Sad, but true.

It brings a smile to my face, and makes me remember how truly awesome (couldn't think of a better word) the Porsche 911 is and has been. It is strange, but each year, Porsche improves the 911, even though we though it couldn't get any better. That it couldn't accelerate any quicker. That it couldn't stop any faster. Take the 1998 911 Turbo. Obviously, it is the most perfect 911 to date, but some how, Porsche will improve upon it again, and again. I guarantee it. That is what makes the Porsche 911 different.

As you might know, 1998 marked the introduction of the first ever water-cooled 911. Project named Type 996, this car has replaced the traditional 911 in Porsche's line-up. I, for one, am a traditionalist and would rather the new car be called something other than Nine-Eleven, seeing that it know has virtually nothing in common with the past 35 years worth of Porsche 911s. Nevertheless, Porsche is calling the new water-pumper a 911.

Following is a breakdown of 3 links to carry you through the 35 years of 911 models:

The normally aspirated 911s (Type 911), from the original 1963 version up to the last 1994 version (Type 964).

The Turbocharged 911s (Type 930) from 1976--1989, and the later generation Turbos from 1991--1994.

The last generation 911 (Type 993), in production from 1995 through 1998, including the 1996-1998 911 Turbo.

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