The Porsche 911 Carrera

The 911 Carrera

1974 brought about many changes in the 911s. The lineup now consisted of the 911 2.7, the 911 Carrera, and the 911S. The 911 Carrera had a 2.7L engine producing 175 horsepower. The body was very different from previous Porsche 911s. Improvements included reinforced doors and heavy-duty bumpers that could withstand a strong impact. The Carrera sported the new whaletail (RS wing), instead of the "ducktail" of the previous 1973 Carrera RS. Often you will see the script "Carrera" written across the lower portion of the 911's side.

A 1977 Carrera 3.0

In 1975, new emissions laws caused Porsche to redesign the exhaust system, and when the dust cleared, the Carrera only output 165hp. In 1976, North America didn't recieve the Carrera anymore, because it was replaced by the Turbo Carrera (930). The rest of the world still had the Carrera, but it was now the "Carrera 3.0". The Carrera 3.0, or "Carrera 3", had 200 horsepower coming from a 2,997cc engine. This car tends to be a sought after car in N.A., and was produced from 1976-77. In 1978, the 911 SC replaced it.

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