The Porsche 911 SC/RS

This racer was a 1984 model holding a 3.0L engine. There were only 20 produced. This car was built for the '84 European Rallye-season. The World championship was being dominated by the Audi, Lancia and Peugeot Group-B cars, which were very fast, but expensive automobiles. Rothmans was the sponsor for Porsche in Endurance races, and asked Porsche to build a reliable car for rallying. 5 of the 20 cars were made available for Rothmans.

The street-version had 255 HP @ 7000 RPM, and the Rallye-version had 280 HP @ 7000 RPM. Times were as follows:

0-100 km/h : 5.0 sec.
0-160 km/h : 11.7 sec.
Topspeed : 244 km/h

The Engine was tuned up for the rallye with exhaust and air filter improvements, so the Street-Version has less power and torque. It is this very car that led in to the 959 Gruppe B car, then the 959 Raly car, then the famous 959 street car!

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