The Porsche 911 T

The 911T was added to the line-up in 1968 as the "Touring" form of the 911. The 911T had the 2.0 Liter engine but with only 110 horsepower. The T was the "base" model, costing 10% less that its more powerful brother, the 911S. As of 1969, the 911T got the 2" lengthening in its wheelbase as did the other 911s. It retained its Weber carburator while the other 911s recieved Mechanical FI.

The 1972 911T

1970 brought on the first engine displacement increase, to 2.2L. (2,195cc). That upped the output to 125 horsepower. For both '70 and '71, the engine had Zenith carbs, and kept the same compression ratio of 8.6:1. Until 1972, all 911T models had a different transmission than the 911S and 911E. In 1972, the 911s recieved 2.4Liters (2,341cc) and the 911T output 140hp@5,600 rpm. Part of this power came from the addition of Mechanical FI, something other 911s had for years. Compression was lowered to 7.5:1. All the 911 models shared the same 915/12 transmission now, too.

The 1973 911T Targa

1973 was the last year for the 911T, and there were two different model distinctions--an "early" and a "late". The early 911T was the same as the 1972 model. The late 911T was offering CIS (K-Jetronic) fuel injection. Power remained at 140 hp. As for all the 911T years, you could get either Coupe or Targa.

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