The Porsche 912

Ahh, the Porsche 912. It was always called the "Poor man's Porsche" (Or was that the 924?). The 912 looks just like the 911. If you saw one on the road, you'd think it was a 911. The 912 was produced as a "stripped down" version of the 911, with less power, fewer amenities, and less power! None of this is to say that the 912 was not a great Porsche to own.

In 1965, the 912 replaced the 356SC in Europe. It had the popular 4 cylinder engine, detuned. For 1966, you could get a 912 for only $4,690 in America. The 912 lasted only until 1969, when the 914's entered to fill the price range below the 911. The 912 appeared briefly in 1976 as a "special edition" 912 E

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