The Porsche 912E

Here is the 912E. In 1976, it was offered as a limited production car, fitting into the price range between the 911 and unarrived 924. The 914 had gone out of production, and Porsche needed a middle range model. Only a little more than 2000 of them were made. They all had the basic 2.0 Liter, boxer 4 from the 914. The 912 E had Bosch L-jetronic fuel injection, an air pump, and a pair of thermal reactors. Standard was the 911 body, but with unvented brake rotors, and smaller wheels and tires.

The options for this 912 E were electric sunroof, headlight washers, limited slip, A/C, fog lights, and remote door mirrors. If you're wondering, the "E" in 912 E stands for "Einspritzung", the German word for "fuel injection"

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