The Porsche 916

The Porsche 916 never made it to production. 11 models were produced in 1972, and all were considered "preproduction." The car, as you can see, is a 914 body. Flared fenders were added, as were 15x7" wheels with 185/70x15" tires. The 916 had a steel roof, instead of a targa top, for added rigidity. It had fiberglass bumper panels, that were car-color.

Underneath was the 911S's 6 cylinder, 190 horsepower engine, giving the 916 a top speed of 145 mph (233 kph). Stiffer springs, pressurized competition shocks, front and rear swaybars, and 4 wheel vented discs added to the package. Weighing 165lbs less than the 911S, the 916 became the quickest accelerating Porsche yet, going from 0-60 in well under 7 seconds.

Only one 916 was shipped to the US. It was destined for Brumos in Florida, where the climate was so hot that A/C had to be special ordered on the 916. That car was the only one to leave the factory with the A/C option.

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