The Porsche 924 Carrera Series

The 1979, Porsche releases the 924 Carrera GT as a production model in addition to the 924 Coupe and 924 Turbo. The 924 Carrera GT was limited in supply to 406 automobiles (most sources report this #). They were produced as street legal "race cars." The 924 Carrera GT has the 4 vents on the nose, like the 924 Turbo. It has flared fenders like a 944, except they are added on to the existing panel. A scoop is on the hood as well. The script "Carrera" is written across the right front fender, and "Carrera GT" is on the rear deck. The body has plenty of fiberglass parts to it. The rear spoiler is bigger and longer than the regular 924's. The interior held all the amenities--electric mirrors and windows, stereo cassete, sunroof, and A/C. What really set this 924 apart was its engine. Under the hood was a 210 Horsepower turbocharged version of the inline-4, which pushed the car to a max speed of 150mph.

When dealing with the 1980 924 GT models, you must understand that there are many look-alike out there. In 1981 or 1982, dealers offered you the option of having a regular 924 or 924 Turbo ordered with the GT body. Differences show up when you see this car without the turbo engine, the 4 hood intakes (like the silver one at the top of the page), or the added-on look flared rear fenders. Of course, the Carrera GT was the centerpiece of the 944 design, which originated right at that time.

Later in 1980, the 924 LeMans GTP appeared---only 4 were built for the race. They had 320Hp, a top speed of 180mph. A Carrera GTP placed 6th in 1980, and won class in 1982. (seen in photo at top of page)

In 1981, the 924 Carrera GTR appeared as the ultimate 924! It's engine produced over 375Hp, and had a 0-60 time easily under 5 secs. Reportedly there were 17 GTRs produced. Seen below in white, you can see how much of a monster the car was!

Finally there is teh 924 Carrera GTS, of which 59 were produced. The GTS was indeed a street legal race car. The most obvious difference between a GT and a GTS is the clear covers over the headlights. The Carrera script is also gone from the fender. The GTS had 245Hp and weighed only about 2,500lbs. It was truly a rocket. 15 of the 924 GTSs were considered 924 ClubSport versions (seen below). They had an additional 30Hp, a roll cage, and all the necessary fiberglass body panels. Even lighter than the GTS, it was a screamer.

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