The Porsche 924 Turbo

3 years after the 924 emerged, Porsche realized that the it just wasn't enough, and everyone was bored with it.. It wasn't fast enough. It wasn't sporty enough. It couldn't stop fast enough. The answer? A turbocharger, of course.

For the 1980 model year, the 924 appeared as a turbo and a normally aspirated model. The 924 turbo was a FAST car, especially when tested against the base model. The new model offered better brakes, an updated body, the turbo engine, and much more pleasureful driving. You can easily recognize a turbo 924 by its 4 front vents, as well as the NACA duct on the hood. It also came with a new wrap around spoiler on the hatchback. Then, when you drive it, you'll definitely recognize it!!

924 Turbo


8 valve SOHC turbocharged in-line 4
Bore and Stroke: 3.41 x 3.32 in (86.5 x 84.4 mm)
Displacement:121 or 1984cc
Horsepower: 143@5,500 rpm
Torque: 147@3,000 rpm
Power to weight ratio: 20.8 lbs per horsepower
Compression ratio: 7.5:1
Fuel system: Bosch K Jetronic

5 speed manual transmission


Front: MacPherson struts with lower A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar
Rear: Semi-trailing arms, torsion bars, tube shocks, anti-roll bar


Curb weight: 2,835 lbs
Wheelbase: 94.5"
Length: 170.1"
Width: 66.3"
Height: 50.0"
Track front/rear: 55.8"/54.8"
Ground clearance: 5.9"

Brakes and Wheels:

Vacuum assisted, fixed caliper, internally vented discs
15x6.0" front, 15x6.0" rear cast alloy wheels

Fuel Economy:

23 mpg (city) 27 mpg (hwy)


0-60mph: 7.5 seconds
0-1/4 mile: 16.0s
Top Speed: 140 mph