The Porsche 934

Now the RSR was a bad machine, but once it got hold of a turbocharger, you can only imagine. In the year 1974, Porsche had many historic occasions. The 911 was revamped for the first time in 10 years--a design which remained until 1989--, the 930 (911 Turbo) appeared, and the 934 was born. The Carrera RSR had destroyed all competitors hopes for winning in 1973, and it had done so without the help of turbocharging. As you recall, the last 917's were belching out 1,500 horses with the turbine spinning, but no turbo appeared after that. Well, enter the RSR's evolution--the 934.

Martini had tooled around with a 2.1 Liter Turbo as well as the 3.0 L non-turbo for awhile, but all cleared in 1975 when the 934--a 930 offshoot for Group 4--was ready. To get right down to it, the 934 blew Group 4 away. Group 4 required a near stock engine, and since the 930 now appeared in the street model line-up, Porsche HAD the engine. The 934 carried the same 3.0 Liter, but with more turboboost and different valve timing. The body was near stock, too, except for the huge front air dam, fiberglass fender flares, and big whaletail. The 934 also had an air-water intercooler, a first for the 911 derivatives. The cooler itself was in the front spoiler. This setup had the car boosting 485 horsepower, and up over 540hp by 1977. There were 31 of these 934s built.

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