The Porsche 936

The 936 was Porsche's answer to the new 1976 Group 6 racing regulations. The racer, whose "936" designation is close to "935", really didn't have much in common with the Group 5 racer at all. It especially didn't look like it! The 936's engine was a 2.14 litre turbo 6, taken from te 1974 911 RSR. The chassis, transmission, and running gear were from the 917/30, and the body was a cross between the 917/10 and 908 Spyders.

The 936 won LeMans in 1976, as well as the WSC and Group 6 titles. In 1977and 79, Porsche repeated the win at LeMans with another 936. And, again in 1981, the 936 won there yet again, but this time carrying a 2.65 liter Indy car engine, and a 917's 4speed tranny.

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