The Porsche 956

The Porsche 956 was a Group C racer, and came around in 1982. It carried a 2.65 Liter twin-turbo flat-6 producing 620 horsepower. The engine was a direct decendant of the Indy-car engine that Porsche had already designed. The 956 brought about the retirement of the 936, which had served well for many years. The 936 could no longer compete due to new FISA regulations. The 956 was spawned with Porsche's first monocoque structure, as the overall length pegged at 104 inches. The body was Kevlar-fiberglass, and the cockpit was narrow, allowing room on either side for airflow equipment such as oil, water, and turbo intercoolers. The 956 weighed 860kg (1,900 lbs). Their top speeds at LeMans were only 217mph, much slower than the previous year's 936's, which hit 230mph.

The 956s were taken to LeMans in '82 to attempt taking the first Group C win. This #1 car, driven by Jacky Ickx and Derek Bell, won the race after covering a little over 3,000 miles. 2nd place was taken by the #2 956, driven by Vern Schuppan and Jurgen Barth. And, as you might expect, third place was won by the 3rd 956 (car #3) piloted by Hurley Haywood and Al Holbert. The 3 Porsche 956s were the only Group C cars to finish out of the 29 others!



Horizontally opposed 6-cylinder; SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder;
Bore and stroke: 92.3mm" x 66.0"
Displacement: 2,649cc
Horsepower: 620@8,200 rpm
Torque: 442@5,000 rpm
Compression ratio: 7.5:1
Fuel system: Kugelfischer mechanical f.i.
Induction: Twin intercooled turbochargers (KKK K26)


5 speed manual (w/reverse),



Carbon Fiber reinforced Kevlar


Curb weight: 820 kg
Wheelbase: 2,650mm
Length: 4,770mm
Width: 1,990mm
Height: 1,080mm


Top Speed: 220 mph

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