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Welcome to the internet home of the Porsche 959. The Porsche 959 is arguably the automobile of the century, and deserves a www site of equal magnitude. Within these pages, you will find the biggest source of information ever electronically offered. Each section is full of information and images, and will be worth any wait you might encounter. Please enjoy your stay!

Start off with the 959's legendary history. Learn about how the idea came about to build the car, what its roots are, and the people instrumental in getting the project off the ground. Dr. Hellmuth Bott gives you insight on how and why the car was conceived and designed. The year was 1983...

Move on to the first prototype constructed. Discover the racing class "Group B" that the cars would be patterned for. Find out what guidelines Porsche had to go by to construct the Gruppe B cars. And would they build the 200 street-versions needed to qualify the Group B as a racecar?

Its 1986 and the 200 Production vehicles will be finalized soon, but the typ 959 takes to the offroad. Three Rallye Version 959 showcase the technology and fervor that the unreleased production model would contain. View and learn about them as they win first and second place at the Paris-Dakar Rally.

The 200 Production models are built and released. See them in finished form as you learn how the 959 is made. Relive the construction process, what Porsche fortified it with, and how they coupled it all together. See how technologically advanced the car really is. The engineering behind this car awed the entire world.

Get technical with the 959. Learn the different systems incorporated into the 959 and what each does. Find out what the car is doing underneath while the driver is riding in it. Systems like the ABS, the tire-monitoring computers, and adjustable suspension work together harmoniously. You will be astonished.

The 959s mechanical workings are still elite, even 10 years later. System such as the 4-wheel drive, twin-turbocharged engine, and 6-speed transmission are German wonders that are still unmatched by many. Get the info on the 959s guts, all the way down to each engine component.

Approach the car for the first time. Discover its laws-of-physics cheating body. Take a look at the 959's special vents and air ducts that have been incorporated into the Kevlar body panels. Find out how every smooth angle is engineered for minimum drag. Even the center-lock wheels become a first for a production vehicle.

Hop inside a 959 to understand what its like to drive. Feel its leather-lined interior wrap around you as you survey the controls. Get acquainted with its interior as you learn about its special functions. See what Porsche has done to assure the comfortable promise of the 959's ultimate supercar title is fulfilled.

Drive the 959. What is it like to engage first gear and stomp the accelerator? Figure out the engine's characteristics, as well as how the 4 wheel drive feels. Push it to its handling limits, and then use the braking system to its fullest capacity. Find out if the 959 even has limits that are accessable to anyone but a racecar driver.

Where are the 959s now? There were 30 additional 959s made for the U.S, but were they ever legal? Discover the 30 U.S 959s unfortunate fate as they headed for the eastern shore. Find out who, if anyone, got a 959 to their front door without the EPA knocking behind it. And 10 years since, who has the European models...

The 959 takes to the track. Get a background on the 959's racing counterpart, the 961. Learn about how it differs from the production model, as well as where it raced, how it did, and what happened to it. Take a look at some trackside pics of the 961 and go underneath the skin.

The 959 Image gallery. Browse all the pics seen here as well as many others not included in the previous sections. Enjoy thumb-nails for ease of download and saving of time. The internet has never seen a more extensive collection of 959 images. There is a brief description of each picture before you view the large version.

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