The 968 Turbo RS

Logically, and especially after the sucess of the 944 Turbo Cup racing series, the 968 would follow in it's predecessor's footsteps. Although the 968 itself had the gusty acceleration, it lacked the ultra-performance of the 944 Turbo S. So what to do? Slap a turbocharger on the 968, of course. There are a few street versions of the turbocharged 968, called "968 Turbo S", but this is the full race version--the 968 Turbo RS. This car packs a whopping 337 Horsepower compared to 305 for the Turbo S and 240 for the normaly aspirated 968.

I want to extend special thanks to Christian Beumer and the 968 Club of Deutschland for providing the two above pics, as well as some other factory information on the Turbo S and RS. (And for complementing the page!) Click HERE to see Christian's drawing of the ultimate 968--the 968 GT3!

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