Porsche 989

The Porsche 989 never made it to the production stages. It's prototype was to become the first four-door Porsche ever. It would have true back seats with 4 doors. A big V8 would power it.

The 989 project started back around 1990-1991. Not too far into the development, it was trashed, due to the extreme development costs and limited number of potential buyers. It was supposed to replace the 928. It would carry a 4.2 liter, all alloy, water cooled V8 outputting about 370 horsepower. Front mounted, like the 928. The control arm suspension, which is now on the 993, was developed for the 989. The 989 was going to have an aluminum body. The most striking feature was the headlight clusters, the exact ones found on the 1997 Boxster. Anyway, I guess you could say the 989 did spawn some features that are now a part of present Porsches--oh well, a good try.

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