The Porsche 911 Carrera

Even in its purest, most basic form, the 911 Carrera radiates with fervor, its presence delighting the eyes that witness it, its shape soothing the hands that run across it. It is the most elegant of all vehicles to roam the planet, its tireless styling, its curves are endless as it sits there in front of you. It is a vehicle that you can feel, even before gripping the steering wheel, even before opening its door, even standing 5 feet from it. The 911 Carrera is a machine, bettered only by its brothers, whose 4 wheel drive systems and turbochargers enlighten the already epitome of all. The basic Carrera states its point, and proves that point in its own: "It is not something for everyone, but everything for someone." And, at only $62,000, many of those "someones" can make it a reality.

In Cabriolet form, the 911 Carrera still has its stunning appeal, the shape not lost, the classic 911 lines still flowing. Although convertible, the Cabriolet loses no performance, its structure still ever so strong, the flawless engineering pervading open-air cockpit of the topless masterpiece. The Cabrio's top, which is painstakingly sewn by hand, takes around 14 hours to complete. The Cabrio, contrary to previous years, on costs about $6,000 more than the Coupe.

Perhaps the most major change from the 1994 Carrera 2 is the suspension. At the rear, Porsche has designed a magnificently engineered multilink suspension, replacing the 30 year old semi-trailing arm setup. The new suspension is an aluminum subframe, with 2 sets suspension links horizontally in line with each other, creating that "Weissach" effect of toe-in stabilizing.

The engine is the familiar 3.6 Liter flat-6, now producing 282 horsepower, compared to 270 for the 1995 model. It has 12 spark plugs, familiar to previous 911 models. The engine, which is mounted behind the rear wheels, possesses a low center of gravity which provides for better handling and control. The 911 takes its oil system straight from the racing versions: a dry sump setup, utilizing every bit of the 12 quarts it holds.

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