August's Porsche

The first Porsche of the month is this 1984 911. Actually, it is a 930 Twin-Turbo. The engine is a 3.6 liter, twin plug boxer. Output is 695 horsepower. It has Carillo rods, 17" Ruf wheels, a roll cage, fully adjustable race suspension, and a fuel cell. This incredible machine is capable of 230 MPH. Almost unbelievably, it can go from 0-60 in 3.0 secs, and from 0-100 in 6.0 secs!!

As you can see, this is one machine to be reckoned with. It will BLOW the 959 off the track!!! That's saying a lot--you'd have to get nothing short of a 935 to have a chance at this car...

If you have a unique "Porsche of the Month", send it on to me!!

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