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So you'd like to know who's behind the "Waletail" mask? My name is Ben McDaniel, and I'm originally from Memphis, Tennessee. I'm 22 years old, and have a degree in Marketing from the University of Mississippi. My love of Porsches goes back into my early childhood, when my parents gave me a wallsize poster of a 930 Slantnose Cabrio, gaurds red, of course. That was about the time the 959 was first viewed in production form, around 1986. I remember getting a Road & Track magazine, "R&T on Porsche, 1987." After reading that, well, the rest is history. I realized that with the Porsche model mix for 1988, they were producing not only the most advanced and fastest production car in the world (type 959), but also three of the world's top ultra performers in the 928GT, 944 Turbo, and 911 Turbo. I was sold. From that point on, my interest in the Porsche marque has grown daily. I still have that same R&T magazine, torn and wrinkled due to the years and years of rereading. My dream finally came true in 1994 when I bought my first Porsche, a 1988 944 Turbo, Black on Black, simply gorgeous.

Now I may not have decades and decades of experience like some, and the mighty 911 may be 10 years OLDER than I am, but my dedication to Porsches rises high. I started the "Complete WWW Porsche Home" about two years ago, with just a one page write-up and three fuzzy black and white pics of the 959. I had searched the internet, which was not too big in 1995, and found a lack of Porsche 959 information. I found a few more pics and a page or two about the 944 Turbo, and added that to the small website. In the time since, those three pages have grown into a massive Porsche website (hey, believe me, its a lot of work!) I am the sole designer and webmaster of the site, and all the email comes to me. There is no commercial involvement on the page, and I never intend to have anything like that here. This site, I hope, has benefitted many Porsche enthusiasts, as well as brought many new people into the Porsche world. I am in continuous effort to make sure all information is as true and accurate as possible, as that is my mission as far as what gets put on this site.

SO, I hope you like the site, and will return many more times. I'll do my best to continuously improve the site--just let know what you'd like to see!

Ben McDaniel,


"The faster you drive, the slower you age"

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