Porsche and their cars use so many different terms, such as "Tiptronic", or "Variocam." Many people new to Porsches, or even Porsche enthusiests themselves, find themselves hearing terminology they are not familiar with. That is why I hav Boxster: Formed from "Boxer" and "Roadster", designating the new watercooled roadster Porsche introduced in 1997 (typ 986).

Cabriolet: Term used meaning "convertible."

Carrera: Name used for Porsche's top models, derived from the historic Carrera Panamerica Road Race.

Clubsport: Traditional designation used for a lightweight version of a Porsche model.

FIA: Federation Internationale de l'Automobile

FISA: Federation Internationale Sportif Automobile

IMSA: International Motor Sports Association.

LeMans: The historic race, considered by most as the top race in the world--Porsche has won it many more times than any other manufacturer

NACA Duct: The triangular shaped air vents located on some Porsches, such as the 924's hood, or on many of the racing cars' fenders.

Nürburgring: Legendary roadcourse in Germany on which many races have been held--is open to the public for a fee.

SCCA: Sports Car Club of America

Sportomatic: Transmission used in early 911s, (and a few 914s??) that is controlled by microswitches and when the stick is touched allows a gear to be selected.

Spyder: Name used first on 1950's models, then later on many racers--means open-topped, with little or no windshield.

Slant-Nose: Name for a 911 with the body conversion with a raked front with retracted headlights.

Sonderwünche: 'Special Wish Department' where customers can custom order their cars with special interior/exterior and mechanical features...the evolution of the slant nose started here.

Targa: Designation for 911 or 914 with removable top between windshield and rear glass; also the 1996-97 glass topped 911. From the legendary "Targa Florio."

Tiptronic: Automatic transmission used in 911's, 968's, and 986's, that can be used as auto or shifted as a manual transmission.

Tiptronic S: Tiptronic on later models with shift switches on the steering wheel

Variocam: Technology used in Porsches offering variable cam and valve timing.

Varioram: Air management system in which constantly alters induction volume and speed.

Weissach: The racing development department at Porsche in Germany.

Zuffenhausen: The location of the production department of Porsche.

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