The Porsche F1 cars

Porsche's interest in Formula 1 racing began in 1961 with the typ 718. In recent history, though, Porsche entered the F1 scene in 1983. They built an engine in 1981 for the TAG company. It was a twinturbo, 1.5 liter, V-6. It was carried in a McLaren chassis, and driver by Niki Lauda and Alain Prost. This team lasted until 1987, having earned 25 victories, 2 World Manufacturer's Championships, and 3 World Driver's Championships (for McLaren).

Porsche returned in 1990 with the Footwork Porsche FA12. It carried a 3.5 Liter normally aspirated engine. Soon after, they upgraded to a 12 cylinder (V), a new chassis, a 6 speed gearbox, and new rear suspension, electrical system, radiators, undertray, and fuel system. The new engine had 4 valves/cylinder, aluminum heads and crankcase, and titanium conrods. About mid-season, the Porsche engine was removed for refinements, and replaced by a Cosworth. The Porsche never returned, and that has since been the last F1 experience for Porsche.

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