The following Frequently Asked Questions files are downloadable Windows .doc formats. Just click on the link to download. If your browser tries to display the file, hold down *shift* as you click on the link instead.

911 FAQ This is Wade Guthrie's FAQ. I have converted it into .doc format for the ease of reading and printing out. The information content is unchanged. You will find all types of information on the 911s, especially the older models. There is a chart of specs, too. [166k]

924/944/968 FAQ I compiled and converted this one from Kevin Gross' website, which currently displays it in HTML link form. Again, no content change, just .doc format for easy printing reference. It contains just about anything you'd like to know about the Porsche 924/44/68 series. [255k]

914 FAQ This was a Porschephiles FAQ, pretty good info, and tables as well. [50k]

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