February's Porsche

Dear Ben,

Here it is, my 968. It is a '93 model, based on the Clupsport. Because it is mostly driven for long distance journeys on fast tracks, like the German Highway ( no speed limit; means full throttle) or on race tracks, the engine is very powerful and strong.

Some members of the Porsche AG where pretty much surprised, when they drove it on the race track of Zolder, Belgium. They said that they have never seen such a powerful normal engine like mine. They could not believe that you can fight against the 993 RS and the 993 RS Clubsport on the race track there. I drove the same laptimes and even overtook a lot of them.

When I drive it full throttle, the speedo showes about 290 km/h. I am sure that it can go faster, but the limiter of the revolution counter stops it. So it seems like that I had a lucky hand when I bought it!!

As you can see, I have the big adjustable rearspoiler and the frontspoiler. If I adjust the rearspoiler in the "max-downforce" position it takes away 15 km/h of the max speed, but gives me enough downforce to be 10-20 km/h faster in fast curves (over 100 km/h).

To stop the whole missile, I use special brakes. On the picture, you can see a little bit of the enormous red brake-shoe. it is simular to the big-red's the 993 turbo or the 993 GT2. The disk are made out of a mixture of aluminium and ceramics (dimensions: 32 x 322 mm). I use special race-brake-lining. The advantage of this construction is the weight. It is 75 % lighter than the comparable Porsche brakes, that means, that the car is much easier to turn in.

If you have a unique "Porsche of the Month", send it on to me!!

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