This is RUF BTR serial No. 002 for 1987.а 1987 was the first year for Ruf in the US. Appraisal says "likely the only slantnose example for '87".а I received email from a guy who used to operate the 3rd Ruf dealership and he indicated that he knew of 1 other '87 slantnose...Minerva Blue.а Mine is Guards Red.а

It is Guards Red with B&B Headers, Ruf 3.4 Twin Plug Turbo BTR engine, Ruf 5-speed transmission, leather Recaros, and a Clarion sound system.а It has not been dynoed recently, but the guys at Gulf Performance estimate that it is making 430 HP!!!!а Yeow!!!а

The shot from the rear shows the engine with minor hardware on the cushioned rear bumper.а What do you think???а

This is my "new" family car (4 seats) replacing my 1991 Black/Dove Grey Corvette ZR-1.а I would be very flattered to have the car on your web page!а



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