Hey Waletail,

What a great site!а I think you have done a superb job of putting together some of the best Porsches on the planet.а

I am a Porsche nut like you and thought you might like to know about my 944 Turbo.а I have had it modified by Powerhaus in Arizona and here are some of the specs and a few pictures.а I really lust after a 968 Turbo RS, I'd sell my Mother to get my hands on one!а There are a few of us in the SF Bay area with these cars, one of my buddies just built himself a 3.0 liter Turbo engine based on a 968 with 4 valve heads, it is great but down on power to mine

2.8 Litre engine (stroker crank, Mahle Pistons, carrillo rods, O ringed head major headwork, 8.8:1 compression)
K29 hybrid Turbo
Jet-Hot coating on all exhaust components
Greddy Fuzzy Logic adjustable boost controller

414 HP and 432 Lb/Ft Torque at the wheels!!!! running 1.3 bar (19 Lbs boost) Verified on three separate DynoJet machines.а See associated Dyno sheets - Makes a Ferrari F40 Look pretty bad, especially considering that an F40 weighs about the same (ask around! I know they're supposed to be 2600 lbs but they are actually 3000)а My car is 3074!

Cup suspension with 400 Lb springs adjustable Koni's front and associated hollow torsion bar in rear, Gas slotted rotors, Pagid Orange pads, Fikse forged 3 piece wheels 17 X 9 front 17 X 10 rear with 255/40-17 F 275/40-17 R BF Goodrich R1's.

MSD Ignition with 7000 rpm limiter, adjustable fuel pressure gauge boost controlled with extra high rising rate. Kevlar front intercooler nose piece for improved intercooler efficiency. A HUGE oil cooler!!

I used to ride a 153 HP modified Suzuki GSXR 1100 and consequently all cars felt really slow.а This car as it is is way faster than my bike in all ways except standing starts.а The car hits rev limiter in fifth at 7000 rpm, equivalent to 193 MPH and could be geared to go 215 mph plus!

I have attached a couple of interesting pictures of the car on the track and also the F40 dyno results and My car.а Bear in mind my dyno run was with a brand new engine, shut off just above 5000 rpm instead of 6500 rpm and on a very hot day. The Torque on that run was 422 but subsequent tinkering with fuel pressure gave me 432 - more than a Viper GTS gets at the wheels! а

Best Regards,
Graham Gillies

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