Well anyway, here's an attachment including the 1988 Commemorative Special Edition 911. It's a one owner car with 59k miles on it. It has the 3.2 liter and G-50 transmission. This car has original paint and is very much like new. I would very much like to be porsche of the month for October if you can work me in. Many people don't realize that my targa is one of the best looking cars without a waletail! Although I plan on getting one soon! Take care Waletail! RoCks

A limited edition offered in the 1988 model year to commemorate "250,000 911s built". This series--built between July and September 1987--was painted Diamond Blue Metallic with Silver Blue partial Leather interior and wrinkled leather seat inserts. The wheels were painted to match the exterior color. There were Coupes, Targas, and Cabriolets, 325 for the United States, 250 for Germany, and 325 for the rest of the world. These cars are referred to by some as the "signature edition" because they have a Ferry Porsche-signed headrest.

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