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May 1, 1998 The Complete WWW Porsche Home is finally online at its new domain,!

May 2, 1998 Sorry about the downtime on the site, but I've had to change to a new provider. I had running only for a few days when it crashed the hostserver because of too much throughput. After disabling the auto-shutdown for bandwidth, the server simply slowed to a crawl. ANYWAY, I have a new one--hopefully it'll stay up and stay FAST!

May 3, 1998 Please don't bother to report any broken links to me, I already know they exist and am working on them...

May 6, 1998 I'll be replying a bit slow on my emails----there are so many of them already backed up and I'm still trying to get the site fixed up right.....

May 15, 1998 I have just returned from 'vacation' after I graduated last Saturday (What fun!)...Anyway, I'll get back to work on the page as well as catch up on email.

I recently added a new header to the "Dream Car--911 Turbo S" page.

May 25, 1998 I fixed a couple of broken links and images throughout the site

June 1, 1998 Oh, been answering some more email, didn't update the page any this weekend

Friday I re-did the links page by weeding out all the junk, as well as categorizing the links that remained (the best).

June 6, 1998 Well THERE YOU HAVE IT!!!!! PORSCHE FINISHES ONE-TWO AT LEMANS!!!!! Frankly, though, its no suprise. Time and time again Porsche proves they make better machines than the competition, and 1998 proves to be no different, even with new Nissans, Toyotas, and Mercs. If I were any other marque, I'd just give up. Porsche at LeMans is like Dark Side of the Moon in music-----Nothing has or ever will come close.

The third generation of Porsche mailing lists is now online at After the ongoing problems with the Porschefans mailing list, a couple of members decided to take up a collection and start a new, trouble-free list-serv, now found at If you are in need of tech help, general Porsche questions, a first time buyer, or just want to meet a lot of Porsche friends, JOIN Porschelist!

June 16, 1998 Massive update to the 959 pages---everything is up now with the exception of the gallery. I have refreshed the 911, 993, and 930 pages a good bit with some new pics and stuff. I also added 4 new links.

June 22, 1998 Added a Boxster S page with a few pics. Updated 996 page with 2 Cabrio pics.

June 28, 1998 Big update to the Racing pages--- 4 new 911 GT1 pics, 904 pics, 718RSK, 550....

July 3, 1998 I've taken a new job this week, and unfortunately I don't have much time to do email. I'll do my best to keep up, but be patient with me, because I intend to respond to all of them! Thanks!

June 8th marked the 50th anniversary of Porsche Automobiles! It was far back in mid 1948 that the first Porsche car was rolled out of the Austrian barn Dr. Porsche referred to as a production facility. From that day forward, a Porsches have become one of the most legendary sportscars of all time.

The past fifty years of perfection culminated in the June 7th finale of the world-renown 24 Hours of LeMans, where Porsche took First and Second place, as well as continuing their 3-year string of outright wins there. It is the absolute perfect way to put an end to a half-century of excellence that unfortunately also included the passing of Dr. Ferry Porsche in late March. It is only fitting that he and his 50 years of Porsche automobiles recieve that honor!

Well I've realized the Inbox is just too full. Over 1000 emails are sitting there unanswered and I just can't find the time. What can I do? I realize each one of them is important and I really want to answer each one of them.

Many of the emails deal with technical questions/first time buyer questions, and to those I recommend joining the applicable mailing/discussion list at Many other very knowledgeable Porschephiles are there with a wealth of technical info and are glad to share it.

Most of the other emails deal with complements about the website---I truly appreciate every one of them and although I didn't email back to you I definitely enjoy reading each letter!

So, that leaves the emails from people looking for something that isn't on the page. As extensive as this website might be, it doesn't come close to covering everything, and I realize that. Please continue to ask for anything you would like to see here, and I'll be working on it.

As always, much thanks for your patience!!

October 7, 1998 Updated with the October Porsche of the Month---a limited edition 1988 signature series Carrera.

World of RUF 1998 was held last month in Nisswa, Minnesota! We had a USA reception for the newlyweds Alois and Estonia Ruf, as well as a 2-day autocross featuring 3 RUF CTR-2s, a RUF BTR, a RUF RCT, a Ferrari F40, a Venom Viper, Ferrari Dino, F355, and MORE!! Check it out!

November 18, 1998 Also added 6 new GAUGEPAGE entries----a 928, a Ruf, a few 911s and even a 996.

In other news...Porsche began exporting the new 911(996) Carrera 4 last month. The 996 Turbo is on the way soon, at least 450HP. Boxster S is on hold indefinitely. All 1999 911s have clear turn signals and side marker lenses---can be spotted instantly to distinguish from a '98 which have orange ones.

Clear lenses on the '99 911s
996 Turbo prototype

November 30, 1998

LONDON, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Porsche said on Sunday they were withdrawing works teams from international sportscar racing next year because of concerns about rules and costs.

The German manufacturer won the Le Mans 24 Hours for the 16th time this year but failed to win a single race in a FIA GT championship dominated by rivals Mercedes.

Porsche have won 12 world sportscar titles since 1953 and their departure could fatally wound the FIA championship which currently has only Mercedes confirmed for next year. Mercedes won the title in 1997 and 1998.

"Although we plan to return to Le Mans in 2000, a final decision on the company's participation in these racing activities will not be taken until a later date,'' said a Porsche spokesman.

"The board of Porsche AG is seeking a future-oriented, long-term motorsport policy. Stability of regulations and limitation of expenditure is all the more important as Porsche also supports customer teams and cannot accept any inflationary use of materials and resources.''

Porsche were one of the founders of the world endurance championship in 1982 and returned to GT racing in 1996, racing cars identifiable with its production models and also supporting a number of private teams. But the factory is now concerned that new Le Mans regulations will favour open sports prototype cars. Porsche's withdrawal of works teams leaves factory drivers Allan McNish of Scotland, France's Yannick Dalmas and Germany's Joerg Mueller and Uwe Alzen looking for other seats.

Page Updates: Finally I added a GUESTBOOK, something I've been meaning to do for a long time. Take a minute and sign it or read it if you like!

December 14, 1998
I'm working on a new feature for the page---Full length articles about our favorite Porsches. No, not the 996 or Boxster, but the old goodies like the 928, 930, and 914. In my opinion, the Internet is already overloaded with 996/Boxster info (that's all the official site has). However, it is almost impossible to find something on an older 928 or a early 70's 914. SO, my first feature is a 10 page 1978 Car & Driver article on the brand new 1978 Porsche 928 and 930. Hopefully this will provide some good entertainment and info for not only owners of those models, but for all of us! Tell me what you think about this idea.

January 13, 1998 ATLANTA, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/-- In an action taken to protect the Porsche name and trademark, Porsche AG and Porsche Cars North America have filed an unprecedented lawsuit against approximately 130 Internet domain names that use the trademark Porsche or a variation of the trademark Porsche. The in rem (i.e., against the thing) complaint was filed on Jan. 6, 1999, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

"As the Internet has expanded, Porsche has become the victim of trademark infringement," said Patricia R. Britton, General Counsel of Porsche Cars North America. "Porsche is one of the most recognized and respected trademarks in the world. As a result, trademark infringers want to capitalize on the good will and reputation of Porsche in establishing their presence on the Internet. These infringers range from operators of hardcore pornographic web sites to speculators who attempt to profit from the registration and trafficking of domain names that use the trademark Porsche."

In an in rem lawsuit, a plaintiff sues property or things rather than persons or entities. Therefore, Porsche is not suing the individuals or entities that registered the domain names, but the domain names themselves. The suit was filed in Virginia because the domain names and their registry certificates are located with Network Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. Upon filing the lawsuit, Network Solutions will deposit the domain name registry certificates with the Clerk of the Court and the Court will then have complete dominion and jurisdiction over the domain names. The Court will then be requested to allow Porsche to give notice to the registrants of the domain names who can then appear in Court and explain why they should be allowed to continue to use the domain names. If a domain name is not claimed by a registrant who has a legitimate reason for registering and/or using the domain name, Porsche will request that the Court delete or transfer the domain name to Porsche.

Porsche is proceeding in an in rem lawsuit because it has discovered that many of the registrants of the domain names infringing on the trademark Porsche use fictitious names and addresses, and provide other false information in registering the domain names to insulate themselves from service of process. Some of the domain names are registered by United States companies or individuals who create fictitious offshore corporations that then register the domain names. The anonymity of the Internet allows trademark infringers to establish such fronts so that service of process on the registrants is impossible.

"Trademark infringement on the Internet places a huge burden on famous trademark holders in policing domain names and enforcing trademark rights," Britton added. "Choosing to ignore such practices and infringements is not an option to trademark owners because the trademark laws require them to police their trademarks. Porsche has spent millions of dollars and many years promoting the good will associated with its trademarks. In a very real sense, the trademarks are the crown jewels of Porsche and must be protected as such."


January 31, 1998 Porsche Wins At Daytona!!!

No surprise.....Porsche went on to again sweep EVERY class they entered in the 1999 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. As usual, the race consisted of the Vipers and Corvettes blasting out ahead at the beginning of the race. They led for many hours, leaving the Porsches behind. And, as expected, they broke down over night to let the sun come up on a track full of reliable 911s. Porsche won the GT2 and GT3 classes. The overall race was taken by a Can-Am Ford followed by a few Can-Am Ferraris.

We see this OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again at places like LeMans and Daytona.....when will the competition realize that it isn't the fastest, most powerful V-engine bucket of plastic that wins? What wins is the most RELIABLE and bulletproof engineering concept.

Although the Porsche factory announced last November that they would NOT race in 1999, they were there in full force supplying parts and help to all the Private-entry Porsches. And, on a cunning marketing move, ran a 'new 911' commercial during just about every break on ESPN2.....

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