Porsche automobiles, everyone of them, is developed using the knowledge and technology gained from their racing experiences. Considering the panache of their current street model line-up, it's no surprise, is it?

It is maybe said best in the words of Professor Porsche himself:

Life itself is a race, marked by a start, and a finish. It is what we learn during the race, and how we apply it, that determines whether our participation has had particular value. If we learn from each success, and each failure, and improve ourselves through this process, then, at the end, we will have fulfilled our potential and performed well.

Herr Doktor couldn't have been more right. Since Porsche began competing in the 50's, all of the world's racing organizations have repeatedly had to alter the rules in order to make the races fair. Porsches enter a class, dominate it, and then the rules are changed to give other cars a chance. This is true for almost EVERY racing class Porsche has entered. This is NOT fiction. Go look it up! Anyway, enough with the B.S., lets see the cars!

I give you the greatest fleet of racing cars the world has ever seen: The Porsche Racers, past and present:

550: The "Spyder"
Type RSK 718:aka RS60/61
Abarth Carrera: Familiar nose...
904: Fiberglass Beauty
906 : The "Carrera 6"
907, 908, 909, and 910: Mean Stuff
917 : So fast it was outlawed!!
RSR : 911's Evil Evolution
934 : Getting Hot!!
935 : 1/4 mile in 8secs??
936 : Throw'em All Together And...
956 : 1-2-3, Side by Side at LeMans
961 : Competition 959
962 : IMSA Supercar
F1 : Major Competition
Indy : Oh yes, outlawed again....
GT2 : D-o-m-i-n-a-t-i-o-n
GT1 : Made McLaren cry!!!