As soon as the door is opened, the rich scent of fresh leather is wafted from the cockpit. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING is wrapped in its own piece. Inside the Turbo S, if its not made of leather, its carbon-fiber. The instrument panel is wonderfully done in the gray carbon fiber, accented by the white gauge faces and shiny silver "turbo S" script. This same script is found on the rear fold-down 'seats', inside the door panels, on the interior of the door, on the console, on the carpet under the hood, on the wheel center-caps, and of course on the decklid. Everyone definitly knows what you are driving!

Back inside, that 200mph speedometer is staring back at you, wanting you to challenge it. The shift knob is that familiar poished aluminum, as is the hand brake handle. When started, the Turbo S snarls at first, then settles back into a smooth, contained 800 rpm idle. If you've ever driven a 911 Twin-Turbo, you can somewhat understand what that smooth idle is hiding. Otherwise, you have no idea...

Push in the clutch, give it a few revs, and back it out of the parking spot. With the sport exhaust, the S is quite a bit louder with the revs, but sounds great. The shifter feels like solid steel, and slides easily into first. With the calmest, slightest motions, the Turbo S glides away from a stop as if it were on ice. The smoothness of the engine is incredible. Once on the street, nail the throttle and let it loose....The tachometer blasts past 6000rpm with the liquidity of melted butter. Into second, and the scenery begins to blur in contrast to the soft leather dash in front of you. 3rd gear comes on, an at 4000rpms, the push is so devastating that you honestly can't turn your head an look beside you. Behind you, the glorious wail of the Porsche powerplant is screaming out over 400 horses, but all you hear up front is the silent slicing of the smooth nose through the invisible air. The Turbo S is travelling well over 100mph, even though just a few seconds before, you were at a dead stop. Into 4th, and the speedometer is blazing around the face, now heading down toward 3 O'clock. This automobile rushes forward so quickly, so instantly, that it is practically EFFORTLESS.

The effortless ability of this car to accelerate fast is only matched by the brakes. You can stomp the middle pedal at any speed, as many times in a row as you like, and the scenic blur is slowed in epic proportions without hesitation. The acceleration can somewhat be described, but the braking ability cannot. It must be experienced first hand. There are no other brakes in the world like this...

Back at a standstill, we attempt to rocket to left from stop sign. At 4200rpm, the clutch is dropped, and ALL 4 wheels claw and scramble their way to traction. The S creates a 4 wheel drift at only 15 mph as is pulls itself straight and begins to wail down the road. With lightning quick surges, the S accelerates to the tune of 50, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, 100...In less than 10 seconds time, we are traveling faster than 110mph. Truly unbeliveable.

Back at the house, I sit in the driver's seat with that 200mph gauge staring back at me again. "Not this time," I think to myself..."maybe next." I glance at the odometer, which reads a meager 247 miles. 247 miles of effortless accelerating, extreme braking, and unspeakable cornering. 247 miles of exactly what the car wants. Sure, the S will comfortably take you up to the grocery store, but it wont like it. This car feasts on the type of driving which other cars see as punishment. I mean, what do you do with the fastest production car on the planet? What do you do with this bright red, polished wheeled, outrageously quick 911? The answer...You DRIVE it!

I want to thank Taig Stewart for letting me experience his very special 911 first hand....Try to keep it under 200 Taig!!

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