Feast your eyes on the granddaddy of all Nine-Elevens, the 1997 911 Turbo S. As if the standard 911 Turbo was not special enough....

The Turbo S in itself if the nicest, fastest, most powerful 911 ever offered as a production car.

The Turbo S will accelerate quicker than ANY other production car in the world.

The Turbo S contains more hand stitched pieces of leather within it than any other car in the world.

The Turbo S can get through the quarter mile 2.5 seconds faster than a Lamborghini Diablo, which translates to about 75 car lengths.

The Turbo S will carry you to a velocity of around 200 miles per hour, which is 25mph faster than the latest, greatest Corvette.

The Turbo S can pull more G's during deceleration than any other street legal vehicle.

The Turbo S has the most advanced 4 wheel drive system in the world.

But these little tidbits of information in no way illustrate what it is like to experience this 911 first hand. No spec, number, or rating on paper can make you understand what this car is really all about. Easily the most luxurious supercar on the face of the Earth, the Turbo S has neverending suprises that delight the occupant.

Taig Stewart, the owner, recently took delivery of the red Turbo S gracing these pages. With a 1995 Carrera, 1985 Carrera, and a 1991 928GT already in the garage, the new Turbo is a welcome guest. Resting beside the Carreras, the Turbo S's bulging fenders and wild rear spoiler overwhelm the quiet siblings, which are sportscar legends themselves. This Turbo S rises far and beyond any other 911 ever created.

As I approached the car for the first time, it was completely hidden underneath a dark blue cover. I could see the silhouette of the huge rear wing as I stood beside the vehicle. Not even a hint of the polished 18" wheels could be seen from the outside. I already knew exactly what the car was going to look like, all the way down to the small holes in the front spoiler. However as we uncovered the beauty, I indeed saw my first real view of a 911 Turbo S!! Here, right in front of me, stood THE bright red, brilliantly illuminated, spine tingling Porsche 911 Turbo S.

In total awe, I looked the 911 over from front to back, top to bottom. I ran the back of my hand across the Turbo S's smooth curves....Unbelievable. It is really amazing how different this car is from the 911 Turbo, which is now not the rarest of the breed. From the outside, the S has the intake holes in each rear fender, a trait carried by only the Porsche 959 and earlier Turbo S specialties. The rear whaletail is even larger on this car than the Turbo, and the front cap incorporates intake holes where the driving lights reside on normal Turbos. The automobile's presence is stylishly set-off by gleaming, polished 18" wheels of Turbo variety. As in tradition, the brake calipers are brighly painted, yellow this time as opposed to red in previous Turbos.

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