The Porsche Type 718

The Porsche 718 RSK

This racer first appeared in 1958. Its internal name is RSK 718/1500. The "RS" meaning "RennSport", the "K" denoting the suspension, the "718" is the chassis type, and "1500" is the engine size in cc. It was prepared for Formula 2 racing. This particular car could reach 155mph on the track. Also produced was a 718 Bergspyder, a special version made to compete (and win) hillclimbs (hence the name "Bergspyder"). In 1959, the 1.5 L engine was increased in size to 1.6 liters, and produced 148hp. These cars were winning races throughout their years, even when up against the larger 3 Liter Ferraris! They also won the hillclimb again, placing 1st through 5th.

In 1960, the car was heavily redesigned and badged RS60. Its wheelbase was now 100mm longer and it carried larger wheels and tires. 12 of these were built, 4 of which stayed with the factory. By 1963, they were no longer competitive, and Porsche was at wotk on the 904.

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