A Ruf Automobile is something very special. Imagine the thrill of piloting the fastest street car in the world. Enjoy speeds well above 200mph while listening to your favorite CD in the comfort of your leather-lined cockpit.

For more than 50 years, the name Ruf has been associated with the automotive industry and has meant quality and craftsmanship. With the introduction of the latest production model, the CTR2, Ruf has awed the world again. Comfortably carrying you to speeds approaching 220mph, the CTR2 opens a new dimension in driving pleasure.

But the CTR2 isn't all there is to see: Start at the beginning and first learn the history of the Ruf company, dating back to the late 1930's. Join Alois Ruf in a section to understand what his company and design philosophy is all about. Take a look at the Ruf Racing section for action that will really blow your mind! There is much more to see, just kick back and enjoy the Ultimate Ruf Fascination:

World of RUF 1998 was held this past week in Nisswa, Minnesota! We had a USA reception for the newlyweds Alois and Estonia Ruf, as well as a 2-day autocross featuring 3 RUF CTR-2s, a RUF BTR, a RUF RCT, a Ferrari F40, a Venom Viper, Ferrari Dino, F355, and MORE!! Check it out!

Exceptional Automobiles with Tradition
The history of Ruf is legendary. Go back to where it all started in 1939 when Alois Ruf, Sr. created the company and relive the past 50 years.

Accepting Nothing but the Best
In creating the ultimate machine for driving, Ruf will provide absolutely nothing but the best. Understand why you should accept nothing less.

Ruf Ultimate--the Outrageous Racing
Racing the Ruf Automobile is as wild as it is fun. The CTRs are just about unbeatable---just ask Steve Beddor!

The Perfection of Driving Pleasure
From the Yellow-Bird to the latest CTR2 Sport production model, feast your eyes on absolute irresistability.

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