Flipping through DuPont Registry, I casually observed the various Porsches for sale. Then I turned the page. There it was--a full page color ad placed by Ruf Automobiles! But the pictures didn't amaze me--I already had those 3 on my page. What DID amaze me was the wording of the ad--it was taken straight from my website!! You can imagine the chills that ran up my spine at that moment. Here is the ad for the premier sportscar maker in the world, and I wrote it!

I read the page: "Enjoy speeds well above 200mph while listening to your favorite CD in the comfort of your leather-lined cockpit." I had just created that line to open this webpage some 3 months back. I read the other phrases and paragraphs, and realized the whole ad mirrored my website almost to a T. What it all meant was that I had created a webpage worthy of being the best when it comes to the Ruf Products. The Ruf Company has indeed browsed my website and enjoyed it! After all, what I said and presented on this site found a new home in their advertisement. What can I say--I'm flattered!!!

Take a look at the advertisement and compare for yourself: