September's Porsche

For September, we have the "Loose Cannon." It is a 1989 Speedster, or should I say, "was". The shell is a Speedster's, but everything else is 962! As you can see below, it is one vicious machine. It has over 600 horsepower beneath it's HUGE whaletail. This Speedster on steroids has a 3.5 liter, twin turbo, the turbochargers being K29 units from the 959. The original motor was from a 962-- a 3.2 liter single turbo, but it's 725 horsepower would have been too much for the street. Detuning it, and adding 2 smaller turbos in place of the big 962 one made it more streetable. Of course, the transmission and gearbox is pure 962 as well. Suspension, too, was upgraded to the highest quality setup.

Visual changes include just about everything, the large DP tail to hide the monster 934 intercooler, the centerlock BBS GTP Wheels, the Rollbar, and the 935 front spoiler and driving lights. Each fender was flared exensively to accomodate the 934 suspension and wheels. Who knows how fast it goes, probably well past 200mph, and probably accelerates like a bat-out-of hell of the line. To put it in perspective, the owner says, quote: "It's faster than my 959, which has the big, 540 horsepower motor in it. It will SMOKE a Ferrari F40. This car is more like a late RSR (934), except it's TWICE as strong. It doesn't compare to anything I've ever raced"
Oh, yeah, one other note, this Loose Cannon holds 28 quarts of oil. Kinda expensive fun, huh? Ah, but it's a Porsche, right??

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