The Porsche 911 Targa

The original Porsche Targa appeared in 1966. Back then, a vinyl covered board was secured between the windshield and a stainless steel roll-bar. Times have changed. This new Targa is an automotive first. The new Targa has a electronically operated glass top that lowers slightly, then slides back, up under the rear window. You can operate the top while the car is in motion, stopped, whatever. You can open it all the way, halfway, or leave it closed fir a greenhouse effect. The Targa has a sunshade on the interior, so you can block out the sun's rays if you wish. All this at the hands of a little rocker switch on the console! The price: $70,750 (for the '96 model)

Even with this glass roof, and the car being based from the Cabriolet's shell, the Targa doesn't lose hardly any structural rigidity, if any at all. The Targa also comes with special 5 spoke wheels, with the little alan bolts all the way around.

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