Two CTR-2 'Fat Boys'

So here we are, roughly 100 people, within a 2 square block area, surrounded by many of the world's greatest supercars. What to do? Drive them, of course!

The cars were divided up into 5 run groups, with about 8-10 cars per group. Each group was divided up randomly; i.e. there were Ferraris running with Audi Quattros. Each run group received 20 minutes on the track at a time, which translated to 4 track outings per car throughout the day. For safety reasons there was to be no passing on the track, except when a slower car motioned you by. This rule, however, didn't seem to be enforced too heavily on the far side of the track that couldn't be seen from the 'pit' area. Funny how Steve would take off 30secs after the Dino GT yet come back around ahead of it!

The Ferrari F355 and Dino GT showing their stuff

With that said, I must mention Wolfgang. Wolfgang Weber is a professional driver that Louis Ruf brought from Germany. Generous Gordy Doerhing handed the keys to his Black 1986 RUF BTR (only 16k miles) over to Wolfgang, with the instruction to give joy rides to everyone throughout the day, with no restriction on speed, tires, brakes, or LATERAL sliding!! What a job! Wolfgang, with this huge ear-to-ear grin on his face (wonder why?), stepped into the RUF and began his flurry of all-out driving. He was allowed to do ANYTHING, including pass others unexpectedly! And his driving style? Reminicient of 'Sideways Stefan" in the RUF Faszination video on the Nürburgring. In other words, he had the 911's tail sliding sideways about 90% of the time he was on the track. (With the other 10% being the straightaway)

Wolfgang biting at the bit to chase one (or all) of the 500+HP machines

Back to the story--After everyone had taken plenty of practice track time, the track was to be cleared and each car separately took a timed lap around the track. I say 'separately', however there was always a 'chase' car that followed the person on their timed run, just in case something happened on the back side of the track. (It sure is a lot of fun to chase a Venom Viper around the track in a RUF CTR2!)

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