I'd say all the cars got this view of the F40 at least once on the track!!

So there's the run-down of how it works. The cars filtered onto the track, with the laps getting faster and faster until Amir Rosenbaum came screaming down the straightaway in his F40 at over 150mph! And when I say screaming, I mean full-force FERRARI Twin-Turbo V8 banshee-wail SCREAM! Can it get any better?

Right after that, here comes Wolfgang around turn 10 (the last turn leading onto the straight), smoking pretty much every ounce of rubber he's got on the car. He pitches it into this glorious tail slide, which becomes a 4 wheel drift while at the same time bellowing out a long, high-pitched squeal of all 4 tires. Amidst the cloud of tire smoke, the tail begins to drift out even farther, and he LOSES it right through the middle of the turn! The RUF 911 pirouettes through the turn and into the beginning of the straightaway. As soon as the car stops, he is already back in first and has the tires smoking again---donutting it around so it pointed down the the drag strip, laying into it with all his might, and roaring through the RPM band in full RUF glory. He gets to 2nd, shifts, and barks the ass end out sideways to continue his endless ascent up the straightaway. What a display, and we're just warming up! Walking around the pit area, everyone is like, "Have you ridden with Wolfee yet??!! Have you seen him come around turn 10 yet??!!"

Frank Beddor's Big Black 1998 CTR-2 Sport

So that set the stage for the day's worth of racing. As the day went on, the cars got faster, so I ventured on down to the end of the straightaway to set up with a radar gun to clock speeds coming into turn 1. A few Quattros ran by at roughly 115mph, then the NSX at 125. Then a 944 Turbo at about 130mph. Then Steve Beddor pulls onto the track midway down the straight (where all the cars come onto the track). He gets on it and whooshes past me at 119mph even though he just got on the track!

That's faster than some cars that came from the other end of the track! A minute later he comes around the turn 10 at the beginning of the straight. I can already hear the roar as I raise the radar gun.....

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