Slipping into 6th at 155mph

Although this picture doesn't reflect it, Steve came blazing past at 164mph, the fastest speed of the day! And I felt it!!! The Ferrari F40 did reach a speed of 159mph, David Beddor's CTR-2 at 156mph follwed by both Vipers at 155mph, and Frank at 154mph.

It is really hard to put into perspective, but the Ruf rushing by me at 164mph was, in the big piture, slow compared to the 50+ more mph it had to spare in reaching its maximum speed of 215mph! Just truly, truly amazing...

So we have another nice dinner that night with the Rufs, after which Alois Ruf spoke about the past, present, and future of RUF Automobiles. He said perhaps one of the inspirational statements possibly heard in the Porsche world in the past year. He said,

"In the future, our goal is to put the 911 spirit into the Porsche 996."

Period, paragraph.

CTR-2 snouts

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